The Privilege of Creating

Many people are feeling restless. With so much time spent away from loved ones, work, public centres, etc., being alone with our thoughts gets discouraging. And as I was thinking about what to write today I drew a lot of blanks. My creativity seems tired after so much time without its usual stimulants. Yesterday’s post…Continue reading “The Privilege of Creating”

Utopia Conduit

What a title for today’s post! Here’s where my brain’s at: I think we need to check in ourselves to see if we’re remaining open to the reality we want. It’s easy to get caught in a spiral of negative thinking and assumptions, especially at a time like this. As creatives, folks whose job itContinue reading “Utopia Conduit”

Strong Decisions and an Open Heart

From where I’m standing, the best theatre is that which includes risk. We have to make big decisions that could result in major failure. Honestly, most theatre I see fails in some way or another, but the biggest failure is keeping things safe out of fear. Be vulnerable and make strong choices that could makeContinue reading “Strong Decisions and an Open Heart”