The Privilege of Creating

Many people are feeling restless. With so much time spent away from loved ones, work, public centres, etc., being alone with our thoughts gets discouraging. And as I was thinking about what to write today I drew a lot of blanks. My creativity seems tired after so much time without its usual stimulants. Yesterday’s post…Continue reading “The Privilege of Creating”

Fun is a Good Thing

We are unfortunately made to think that work has to be overly laborious and financially successful. Any job that seems fun is deemed frivolous. Theatre, for many, seems like a strange and unnecessary career path. Why wouldn’t you choose something that makes you more money? It’s almost unthinkable that someone might want a job becauseContinue reading “Fun is a Good Thing”

Ever-Present Joy

My energy and optimism are aspects of my nature that perpetually propel me forward. I know this because both have been covered up lately and I’ve felt stunted as a result. I’ve not been inspired to do good work and focus on what needs to get done because I’ve been allowing those qualities to getContinue reading “Ever-Present Joy”