Ever-Present Joy

My energy and optimism are aspects of my nature that perpetually propel me forward. I know this because both have been covered up lately and I’ve felt stunted as a result. I’ve not been inspired to do good work and focus on what needs to get done because I’ve been allowing those qualities to get muddled.

A large part of me would put the blame on other people: “They’re causing me harm and now I can’t move forward.” But actually the more I think about it the more I realize that I’m letting them get to me. My joyful energy is a core part of who I am, and fortunately no one can take that away. But I can certainly convince myself that they can and forget that I’m the only one with that ability. I get angry and annoyed like anyone else, of course, and that clouds my care-free nature, but the clouds are temporary and the joy is alway lurking beneath.

Your joy isn’t others’ to take.

Thank god other people aren’t responsible for my own happiness. No one else could handle my exceptionalism except for me.

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