Benefits of Solitude

Carve time out in your day to be alone with your thoughts.

That can be a scary idea for many people, but I do think it’s so beneficial to the creative process, no matter what you’re creating. An artist’s mind is unique to the artist. We’re all brains in jars. And the innovative thoughts unique to you are the very same thoughts that will push your creation forward.

That’s not to say we should always be in an isolated vacuum, of course, though that may have worked for recluses like the Brontës. But when I dedicate a portion of my day to jogging through nature trails alone, I am sharpening my focus, and, without having to consider my social performance around other people, I am much more free to exert mental energy on the creative projects at hand.

This could just be my introverted tendencies talking. But often the process is independent, and should be. I’m thinking of Stephen King’s great book On Writing, which goes into this in detail.

How do you take time away from others? When do you disconnect from social media and be alone with your thoughts? Do you find you’re able to schedule this time regularly?

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