I thrive in a state of instability.

My writing and directing work in theatre is inspired by my queerness. I’m always looking to crack open what’s considered “normal” about the human condition to reveal the exclusionary assumptions hidden within. 

I’m passionate about amplifying marginalized voices through my fundraising work by connecting communities in need with people who can help.

On decentre I write about the necessity of discomfort in these creative and professional pursuits. We can’t empathize with people who are different from ourselves if we don’t first step out of our own comfort zones.

Sometimes we need to feel destabilized in order to truly grow. 

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Natural Shine

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash.There’s a lot that I’m learning at this time in my life, as with all times of lives (lol wut?), but one persistent lesson I’m running into is the importance of discerning between others’ negativity and my own self-worth. Someone threw me a few comments a while ago that keep buzzing around my…

Time Blocking

Ouf, what a change! I’ve been spending some time each weekend blocking out my “ideal week”: categorizing the hours in each day so that I know where to direct my focus. I start with some casual “coffee time” every morning, for about an hour, where I drink coffee and do whatever creative stuff I want.…

Creativity Is…

What is creativity to you? I’m partial to how we discussed it in many of our university drama classes: creativity as innovation; finding new ways of unpacking the human condition. I also think creativity is specifically the process of finding new ways of understanding each other. And we can’t truly get to know one other…

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