I thrive in a state of instability.

My writing and directing work in theatre is inspired by my queerness. I’m always looking to crack open what’s considered “normal” about the human condition to reveal the exclusionary assumptions hidden within. 

I’m passionate about amplifying marginalized voices through my fundraising work by connecting communities in need with people who can help.

On decentre I write about the necessity of discomfort in these creative and professional pursuits. We can’t empathize with people who are different from ourselves if we don’t first step out of our own comfort zones.

Sometimes we need to feel destabilized in order to truly listen and grow. 

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I M1 with the Force

One of these days I’ll figure out how to envelop my fascination with technology within my passion for creation, instead of the other way around. For now my desire to create is often superseded by a near-addiction to checking my phone. Or watching the 7,654,865 YouTube videos about the MacBook M1 chip. Also this titleContinue reading “I M1 with the Force”

Find What to Say By Starting

One of the beautiful things about writing these posts (almost) every day is that I’m discovering what I want to say as an artist. It’s not as if I already have something to say and am writing to communicate it… it’s that the act of confronting a blank page (or screen) is helping me developContinue reading “Find What to Say By Starting”

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