The Privilege of Creating

Many people are feeling restless. With so much time spent away from loved ones, work, public centres, etc., being alone with our thoughts gets discouraging. And as I was thinking about what to write today I drew a lot of blanks. My creativity seems tired after so much time without its usual stimulants.

Yesterday’s post… whew. A lot of big thoughts and not enough time spent parsing them out. When I reflected on what I wrote I realized that I could very well spend more time clarifying those points and making something useful out of them.

Our days now come with at least a little bit more time. And what a privilege it is to use those few extra minutes to sharpen our creative focus. Of course having “more time” is certainly not the case for everyone (parents now juggling jobs and being with their children 24/7, for example), but despite my restlessness I’m finding I’m more grateful for additional opportunities to reflect and create: opportunities that I never had before.

Or, if I did have them, I never bothered taking advantage of what they offered. During these days of introspection and fewer distractions, maybe we can find a few extra moments to rediscover the joys of creative thinking.

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