Strong Decisions and an Open Heart

From where I’m standing, the best theatre is that which includes risk. We have to make big decisions that could result in major failure. Honestly, most theatre I see fails in some way or another, but the biggest failure is keeping things safe out of fear.

Be vulnerable and make strong choices that could make everything flop.

And surround yourself with people who will take that leap with you.

When a team is on the same page and equally invested in a risk, it shows. A generosity of spirit is necessary in the creative process, as is an unquenchable curiosity. Some may be on a trajectory that seems out of left field, but an openmindedness to the idea and positive assumptions about their intent are paramount. As long as there is safety and consideration of everyone’s well-being, a risky idea is always worth exploring. But the attitudes of everyone involved need to be such that the channel of communication remains open and a positive spirit guides the process.

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