Utopia Conduit

What a title for today’s post!

Here’s where my brain’s at:

I think we need to check in ourselves to see if we’re remaining open to the reality we want. It’s easy to get caught in a spiral of negative thinking and assumptions, especially at a time like this. As creatives, folks whose job it is to imagine different worlds and present other possibilities, we can remind ourselves that our imaginations are our greatest resource.

And imaginations wield real power. In fact, they can help us forge utopias.

Instead of spinning in circles and remaining stuck in the reality I wish to avoid, I’m trying to imagine and then embody the reality I want. For example, there’s some lingering pain from a hard time I’m still holding onto… I know that it will dissipate eventually, but why not let it fade away now? What if I present in such a way that mirrors the reality I require, rather than the one suffocating me?

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