Centring Kindness

We can choose to centre kindness in our lives and decentre all of the unnecessary garbage. We can stop allowing (some of) the negativity to be the major driving force. Kindness can become the focus instead: to others and to ourselves. But I often remind myself that kindness is not niceness. To be nice isContinue reading “Centring Kindness”

Key Moments

It’s probably this global pandemic thing we have going on, but I’ve been extra conscious of my ~success as an artist~ and constantly comparing where I am now to where I would like to be. I’m trying to remind myself how happy I’ve been lately. Not overall, really, but in specific moments. Like going toContinue reading “Key Moments”

Willingness to Be Wrong

We are all bound to make mistakes. Sorry. But them’s the rules. The artist who says “Sure sure sure, I get it, but you’re not understanding me” is always going to fall way behind the artist who says “Ah, I see now! Thank you for pointing that out.” Humility is important. And, as Michael HealeyContinue reading “Willingness to Be Wrong”


“Nice” is a mask. When we’re told to play nice, we’re told to play a character. Suppressing our feelings like that is never healthy. Artists are inherently sensitive, and if no one has reminded you of this lately, sensitivity is a great thing. We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of our intution. We areContinue reading “Sensitive”

Where decentre Comes in to Help

“It’s only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued that we can start to get a full picture of the world, who we serve, what they need, and how to successfully meet people where they are.” Brené Brown, Dare to Lead What is decentre? What does it do? The last two posts, “How PerformanceContinue reading “Where decentre Comes in to Help”