“Nice” is a mask. When we’re told to play nice, we’re told to play a character. Suppressing our feelings like that is never healthy.

Artists are inherently sensitive, and if no one has reminded you of this lately, sensitivity is a great thing.

We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of our intution. We are prophets and guides: we confront the muddy river that most of the world is scared of and we help them cross it. Or we simply wade in it with them until we all realize that the water is actually fine.

Lately I’ve been made to feel like I have to shut up. That expressing my pain is not nice, that speaking up isn’t appropriate. But I know that speaking up is the right thing to do and I’m just gonna keep on doing it. It hurts me, and it may make people feel uncomfortable, but sometimes there is good hurting. There are moments when doing the hard thing is doing the right thing.

Knowing when to do the right thing takes intuition. In takes inner knowledge and emotional literacy. As creators we are practising those skills all the time. Please don’t ever shy away from your sensitivity, because that’s what leads to beautiful discoveries.

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