I’ve been finding that one thing helping me get out of a funk lately is changing the music I listen to.

The more I listen to songs about sad things, the more sad I feel. If I listen to uplifting songs, I feel uplifted. ‘Magine that! Groundbreaking stuff here, folks.

Our subconsciouses are deeply influenced by things we think we’re ignoring. I even find that I dream about whatever is set as my phone background because I’m constantly looking at it, even if I’m not consciously registering it. Right now it’s Ben Platt, obviously, and I’m often dreaming about our future wedding.

What I’m saying, I guess, is that we are absorbing that with which we surround ourselves. This goes for friends and acquaintances, too. I always try to spend my time with people who inspire me and push me to be more kind, thoughtful, diligent, thorough… People who are self-focused (not selfish) and who work hard to hone their craft.

Sometimes this leads to envy, but envy (to paraphrase Glennon Doyle yet again) is a big, flashing red arrow pointing us to what we truly want in our lives. It’s a great indicator of what I desire and believe I can achieve for myself.

While I hate closed circles, people standing around showing off for each other, ignoring those on the outside and not leaving space for others to join, I do believe that finding others who will inspire you and sharing in each other’s energy is a good practice.

PS. Thanks to the new pals who have signed up for decentre updates. Here’s looking at you, Rioux. 😉

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