Blog? Yikes.

I have so many insecurities about writing a blog every day.

Blogs seem to have such a bad rep right now, but you know, there’s a benefit in writing so often. I really enjoy writing and this is my way of putting it into practice. I could just not hone the craft and then suddenly be on my death bed, regretting that I didn’t put my many thoughts and ideas into words, but I’d rather just bite the bullet and do it.

These “daily doses” are certainly not going to be perfect. And I can’t guarantee that all (any?) of them will be interesting. But they’re what I’m genuinely feeling in the moment, and I think by honestly expressing what’s swirling around in my head and heart I may attract people who are also looking for connection. And I want to create a world and a community that comes directly from my imagination. So there.

And art isn’t about perfection, right? It’s about connection. It’s not about showing off, it’s about showing ourselves (thanks for that, Glennon Doyle).

How are you choosing to create today?

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