Willingness to Be Wrong

We are all bound to make mistakes. Sorry. But them’s the rules.

The artist who says “Sure sure sure, I get it, but you’re not understanding me” is always going to fall way behind the artist who says “Ah, I see now! Thank you for pointing that out.”

Humility is important. And, as Michael Healey said in his webinar through Citadel Theatre, so is delusion.

We have to have a willingness to be wrong, yes. And be able to fess up to messing up. But equally important as artists is our ability to fool ourselves. Launching into a creative project is to jump into the abyss: not many, if any, have done this before. It’s brand spankin’ new. We have to somehow convince ourselves that taking that risk is worth it because we are worth it. “Heck yeah, I can write this play.”

It’s delusional to think that we can bring something into this world from nothing. But it happens.

It’s nice to dream that we will never run up against failure. But it happens.

And the failure inches us even closer to the impossible.

So take it in strides, learn from it, and keep pushing.

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