Centring Kindness

We can choose to centre kindness in our lives and decentre all of the unnecessary garbage. We can stop allowing (some of) the negativity to be the major driving force.

Kindness can become the focus instead: to others and to ourselves.

But I often remind myself that kindness is not niceness. To be nice is to be gentle and approachable, striving to make everyone comfortable. To be kind is to be honest and confident. It’s about standing up for your beliefs and assisting others with a ferocious and loving spirit.

If we‘re decluttering and decentring the ugly stuff, then let’s get rid of niceness. It’s boring. It can be manipulative and gas-lighting.

The nice friends I have in my life don’t serve me. Sorry. But… not sorry. They scare me, actually. If I want to surround myself with people who will inspire and push me to be my best, then I need kindness, not niceness.

If I’m being nice to myself then I’m skimming the surface of what I really need to work on. If I’m being kind I’m digging deeper.

I need to make kindness a priority.

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