Willingness to Be Wrong

We are all bound to make mistakes. Sorry. But them’s the rules. The artist who says “Sure sure sure, I get it, but you’re not understanding me” is always going to fall way behind the artist who says “Ah, I see now! Thank you for pointing that out.” Humility is important. And, as Michael HealeyContinue reading “Willingness to Be Wrong”

Full Display

Dammit, I forgot to order tea. I did the whole online grocery order thing today. It was great. Someone named Mario shopped in the Super Store for me, sending me updates through the app, like “Replaced Honeycrisps with Pink Ladies. Approve/Disapprove”. How wonderful. Thank you, Mario. But please go back and get the tea. Anyway.Continue reading “Full Display”

Out of Control

As soon as we’re unable to let out all our weird thoughts and feelings, we begin hiding parts of ourselves. It’s good to practice restraint, of course, and not constantly flail around with big emotion, but we are emotional beings. Artists are especially in tune with that internal emotional terrain we all have, so weContinue reading “Out of Control”


Lately my posts have focused on big concepts, like sensitivity and witnessing, which may just come across as a tad didactic. Oops. But I do think those things are important to talk about when discussing the creative process and what keeps us artists goin’. I would say I’ll focus in a bit today and writeContinue reading “Conspiracies”

Taking Sides

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Elie Wiesel Damn I love that quote. When I first came across it I thought I fully understood it, but over time, and after some tough, isolating experiences, I started seeing the full breadth of itsContinue reading “Taking Sides”


“Nice” is a mask. When we’re told to play nice, we’re told to play a character. Suppressing our feelings like that is never healthy. Artists are inherently sensitive, and if no one has reminded you of this lately, sensitivity is a great thing. We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of our intution. We areContinue reading “Sensitive”