Open with Questions

Well, this was a failure.

Not in its entirety, I suppose… While I didn’t write every day this year, I did write some, and the pressure I applied to myself to form better writing habits did prove to be somewhat useful. But the project continues, and I thank you all for coming along for the ride. I hope you found some connection with these words: some idea, big or small, that resonated with you.

As it grows, decentre will become a support network for queer Atlantic Canadian artists (yes Luke, we get it!). While that happens I’ll continue throwing some ideology out there and see what sticks. Perhaps soon, my personal thoughts on writing, creating, expressing, and coexisting will be met with others’, and we’ll have a beautiful combination of both harmonious and contradictory views.

While I don’t know exactly what will come of this project, I do know this: I will continue asking questions. The creative process, for me, always starts and continues with good questions. And maybe at the start of this new year, instead of setting resolutions, I’ll get curious and ask the right questions of my own creative pursuits…

We can’t get anywhere without first getting curious. And we can’t help each other with our unique creative journeys without first asking what it is we’re after.

These “daily doses” of 2020, if nothing else, were certainly a display of curiosity. I’ll try to stick to an even stricter habit in the new year. It may just require asking myself, and others, better questions: ones that lead to more pertinent answers.

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