Delight in Just the Thought

I’m noticing a trend in my circles that makes me feel icky.

Artists do not need to be “productive” to be good artists. We don’t need to be churning out viral videos, TV pilots, or reams of great poetry to be deemed worthy. I’m seeing a number of people (including myself) feeling uninspired or overwhelmed these days, and for good reason. This restlessness can be exasperated by a self-imposed pressure to “use this time wisely” and present completed, polished projects to the public.

Maybe it’s becoming a bit of a cliché to say, but inward reflection is on par with quality work. We can simply delight in the musings of our own mind. We don’t need to prove our creativity to others.

There’s enough going on for all of us right now. If the pressure to prove yourself is prominent in your life, give your permission to step back from that. There’s no huge rush. Look for some space to breathe and take in the moments as they come.

Enjoy the brilliant, small-scale thoughts you have as they come up. There’s no need to add extra stress by trying to make them larger.

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