This Too is True

A common theme in my creative efforts these days is granting myself permission. For example, I grant myself permission to hold two opposing concepts as true. Yes, I’ve been easily distracted lately. But I’ve also been writing interesting material. I may not be dedicating a lot of time to perfecting what I make, but I am making compelling stuff.

Great leaders and creators take the “both, and” approach to problem-solving: These two seemingly contradictory ways of thinking may both be true. And what else might be true? Is there another element that may provide a more rounded perspective?

I’m easily distracted and not working as hard on my creative projects. But what I do get around to creating has some interesting threads to follow. AND, when more time passes and we become more relaxed in our new normal, I could probably focus a bit more.

Get comfortable with paradoxes. ‘Cause life’s full of ‘em.

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