You Have an Effect!

I keep a running list of post ideas: brief descriptions of possible things to write about every day.

One of the more recent ones is “Remind yourself of all the people and places impacted by your presence.” I shall now try to decipher what that means.

I’m pretty sure I was thinking about how hard I am on myself, and how even the smallest criticism from someone else can make me spiral. There will always be criticism. People will make it a priority to keep your ego in check, whether it’s because of their own insecurities or simply shock that you can afford to be so badass.

Again, if they’re not in the arena and fighting the battle alongside you, their opinions don’t matter. One thing you can focus on instead is those who adore you. Seems pretty simple, really. But when you’re facedown and overwhelmed by all the vitriol, it can be hard to remember that there are others who have been positively affected by your presence.

You have an effect on people! But don’t waste your time thinking about those who are overly critical. Think instead of those who love to be around you — in spite or because of your flaws.

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