I’ve been using the app Bear. It’s helpful. Typically when I sit down to start writing something my mind goes on a ridiculous amount of tangents, and its hashtag system is effective at keeping me somewhat organized. It’s always good to find some sort of system that works for your particular approach to the creative process.

But ultimately, we just have to create. The biggest obstacle to the act of creation, I think, is our own relationship to procrastination. “I don’t need to do this right now” often leads to never getting it done. Just write! Just work! Find or create some sort of distraction-free environment. Download Bear if you have access to it and enjoy it. Carve out a bit of time for yourself to focus on whatever it is you’re making. And then make that garbage.

First goes are always crappy. This post? Crappy. Most things I write on here are meandering and confusing. But some posts, I hope, contain little tiny bits of goodness. I take that goodness and run with it, creating more and more garbage as I go.

At least I’m writing today. Days go by when I don’t, which is too bad. But hopefully down the road I minimize the gaps of silence until I’m writing more and more frequently. Just write, Luke!

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