Lately I’m trying to remind myself what I have already accomplished so that I’m not too bogged down by what I “should” currently be accomplishing.

Creative success does not have to be defined by the products we put out in the world. We are not more or less successful if we have a million books published, or a play on Broadway, or an illustration on the cover of the The New Yorker. Creative success can be gauged by the shaping of our individual journeys.

Though I do regret the amount of student loans I have (yikes), I am proud of the education I’ve received. I’m also happy with the job I have and its proximity to my true passion of theatre making. My independence and willingness to move far from home to pursue what I love is a success in and of itself. That, and I’ve also put out some fairly decent creative material.

It may feel too self-absorbed, but it’s good to remind yourself of the successes you’ve had as you work toward the successes you’ll gain.

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