I’ve been living in a trailer on my parents’ property, waiting out my self-isolation period as I’ve just arrived from out of province.

I was reading about another artist lately who thrives in “new” environments, where their routine is skewed and they are vulnerable to the unknown. A change in environment can lead to a shift in perspective.

Though my new environment isn’t all that new, it has been good to get away from my tiny one bedroom apartment. I’m excited by the improvisation I have to do, in some ways… Which I recognize is coming from a place of extreme privilege. “Oh how fun, I have to adapt to living in this fully functional trailer for a few days! Teehee!”

But there’s something to be said about change and its positive effects. I find I’m much more relaxed and new ideas are sprouting. I’m excited by my brain working double time to figure out next steps.

There are ways to fabricate this sense of newness. How can you add a twist to your current routine, no matter how mundane it might be? Who can you reach out to whom you haven’t heard from in a long time? What idea can you explore that’s been left on a back burner? What song can you put on that you haven’t danced to since middle school?

Adding a pinch of the new or unexpected can be freeing.

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