Let’s Try to Write Something

Some days I have a topic ready to go and I feel passionate about it. Other days, like today, I do not.

But I do want to say that committing to this project has been fruitful. Yes, I missed a few days here and there, but for the most part I’ve been on top of it. And having the self-applied pressure of getting words out of my head seems to be training my brain to think creatively. The key to this project, I think, is that I “have” to say something “meaningful”… A rule I tell myself is that I can’t just post stream of consciousness, but something that attempts to communicate some sort of message.

It doesn’t always work, of course. But the effort is there!

Are you committing yourself to something similar? Is there a new creative routine you’re developing in order to train your creative muscles? If so, please let me know so I can follow along.

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