When Time Kicks In

When I was around ten or eleven, I wrote a song that had the following lyric: They say a broken heart can mend When time kicks in the pain will end But how long does it take, For time to come? Heavy. A bit too saccharine for me, even now. But I think about itContinue reading “When Time Kicks In”

Different Outlets

I loved this the New York Times “Offstage” discussion with Broadway actors this Thursday. Jessie Mueller reminded us that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for not being “as creative” as we might be typically. Odds are you are being creative. You’re just expressing that creativity through different outlets. What have your creative outletsContinue reading “Different Outlets”

Slippery Time

Worrying about time passing too quickly does no one any favours. Work on that great thing and yes, set yourself deadlines, but understand that greatness takes time. Set your own pace and don’t compare it to the pace of others. (These are often just reminders to myself, by the way… Don’t think I’m successfully embodyingContinue reading “Slippery Time”