When Time Kicks In

When I was around ten or eleven, I wrote a song that had the following lyric:

They say a broken heart can mend
When time kicks in the pain will end
But how long does it take,
For time to come?

Heavy. A bit too saccharine for me, even now. But I think about it whenever I feel my anger rising: whenever the iconoclast in me perks up and wants to protest the injustices, however small or unintended they are.

Time, man. Time.

Let the time pass for a bit longer and see if it’s still worth pursuing when you have your head on straight. It’s like the list of Apple products I now have on my phone, living as a fantasy for now until the end of the year, when I’ll check over the list again and see if those expensive items are still worth buying.

A few minutes can make a big difference. And when I can see clearly again, I’ll very likely have an even better approach to the problem.

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