The Mythological Creature of Identity: Becoming indifferent to difference

In her book Indifference to Difference: On Queer Universalism (2015), Madhavi Menon exposes the queerness that exists in our day-to-day lives. She uses the term “queer universalism” to recognize that desire cannot be restrained or designated to a finality of any kind. “Queer” because it’s about the impossibility of fully acquiescing to state-designated categories ofContinue reading “The Mythological Creature of Identity: Becoming indifferent to difference”

Tourism & Queer Politics

In the second podcast episode, I discuss the importance of tourism in my work and its possible parallels with queer theory. In the midst of the Women’s March across the world, I raise some questions about intersectionality, and ultimately lay out possible connections at the core of my thesis. These thoughts will lead into aContinue reading “Tourism & Queer Politics”