Longer Lifespan

Much like many queer characters in the current canon, queer work often dies too soon. I’m thinking of a play I directed and dramaturged in 2018 called Re:Construct. It’s a beautiful play about growth from a trans perspective, and it had a successful run at the Ottawa Fringe. But it could go much further. AndContinue reading “Longer Lifespan”

Standards of Lifting

Marginalized people face a disproportionate amount of forced introspective work: the desperate search for purpose, or an innate “goodness”, that will counterbalance the shaming we face from those in power. After swimming through oceans of ignorance and deeply engrained biases, we’re often left dripping with diffidence. Maybe if I work harder at articulating my personalContinue reading “Standards of Lifting”

Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties do nothing but reveal the close-mindedness of the parents. Sure, you might get some “woke” parents who say “But you’re making a big deal out of nothing! Stop getting offended! I don’t care if my baby grows up questioning their gender! They can be a radish plant for all I care! IContinue reading “Gender Reveal Parties”

How Scapegoating Can Stunt Creativity: A Rant

One of my major, ongoing goals with this project is to help folks navigate the intersection of creative practice and queerness. “Queerness” to me means the experience of living outside of sexual and gender identity norms. When we live outside of a norm, our mere existence is often approached with question marks. People who areContinue reading “How Scapegoating Can Stunt Creativity: A Rant”

Chiquita Mére and Buddies!

My friend Xavier presented their piece “BALD” as a livestream on Buddies in Bad Times’ Instagram. They are rollerblading, in drag, down the streets of Moncton, talking about their experiences being queer on the East Coast. It feels so good to have queerness from New Brunswick represented in such a celebrated queer centre. It’s trulyContinue reading “Chiquita Mére and Buddies!”

How Performance Can Break Stereotype (Maybe)

In the last post, “Rising Tide of Change”, I suggested there’s a cultural shift happening in Atlantic Canada. Xavier Gould is a big part of that: they’re confronting the structures that inhibit Acadian and gender identity expression, and their creations actually enact a more inclusive reality. The unapologetic presentation of a more utopian world isContinue reading “How Performance Can Break Stereotype (Maybe)”

Rising Tide of Change

Like any region, Atlantic Canada contains multitudes. Its cultural identities are complex and cannot be pinned to one definition. Each province has a unique history, as does each “Atlantic Canadian”. The embodied pluralities that make up its population stretch out and shake up any imagined structure that tries to enforce a particular “Atlantic Canadian” identity.Continue reading “Rising Tide of Change”

Coming Home and Calling Out

I think it’s fair to say that for many of us, returning to our hometowns over the holidays can be challenging. We go off and live our own experiences in other towns; experiences that are different from those who have stayed around. We surround ourselves with people with different opinions (a great variety of opinionsContinue reading “Coming Home and Calling Out”