Sit with It

Our imaginations can be overwhelmed by too much stimuli. I’m the type who gets easily distracted by shiny objects. Having my phone near me while writing is a huge no-no. And doom scrolling is a real thing, where I thoughtlessly read through hundreds of posts and come out the other end hours later. We haveContinue reading “Sit with It”

Being Likeable

For both my work and my personality, I often find it freeing to remind myself that some people just won’t like it. No matter what we do, we’re bound to rub up against some form of pushback or distaste. If we’re always trying to satisfy the needs of everyone encountering our work then we areContinue reading “Being Likeable”

Focus On What You Know

We can easily let our minds get carried away. We confabulate and fill in the blanks with completely fabricated information. When we are uncertain we become desperate for certainty, entertaining absurd notions in an attempt to make sense of the chaos. Creative minds can often get anxious. Sometimes it’s comforting to focus solely on theContinue reading “Focus On What You Know”

The Art of Flailing

We don’t have to have something to say in order to create. While I’m a big proponent of theatre having meaning of some kind, I personally don’t sit down to write a play and think “I have this really important message to bestow upon the world!” I sit down to write and end up flailingContinue reading “The Art of Flailing”

Morphing Imagination

I’ve been angry with myself lately because I’m spending a lot of my time and energy on one specific life problem. It often feels like my creativity is sucked out of me and I can’t concentrate on anything else. My mind is filled with questions, reflections, and concerns. I try distracting myself with what wouldContinue reading “Morphing Imagination”

Slippery Time

Worrying about time passing too quickly does no one any favours. Work on that great thing and yes, set yourself deadlines, but understand that greatness takes time. Set your own pace and don’t compare it to the pace of others. (These are often just reminders to myself, by the way… Don’t think I’m successfully embodyingContinue reading “Slippery Time”

Finding the Joy

I’ve been spending too much of my time thinking about productivity, procrastination, habit-forming, etc. The effort it takes to focus on the how often distracts from the what. I’m trying to give myself permission to let things ~be~ sometimes. I don’t have to be working on a play draft while writing in a journal whileContinue reading “Finding the Joy”