I can get very wrapped up in my own thoughts. When working on a creative project I often start to overthink it and question its value.

That’s why writing these (almost) daily posts is liberating for me. It reminds me that sometimes you just have to churn out something. Even if it’s garbage.

I put off editing this play because I tell myself I haven’t yet landed on the “best idea”. But that means more time passes and the play gets nowhere near its next draft.

When I sit down to write these posts I have no concept of what’s going to come out. That sometimes leads to me not writing anything.

But when I decide I’m just going to work, without a preconceived idea of what that work “should” look like, I actually get stuff done. When I’m in one of my second-guessing spirals, I approach whatever I’m writing/creating as a commodity: a raw material that needs to exist as a mess before it can be cleaned up and turned into something better. It’s a product, not some genius idea that’s going to change the world.

Not yet, anyway.

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