Casual Convos

I know a great deal of people in my life who are wizards with words. I don’t consider myself one of them. But I love having conversations with friends and loved ones who have a gift for beautiful imagery and storytelling. Pay attention to how people in your life describe things. What words do theyContinue reading “Casual Convos”

One Month of Daily Doses!

When I started writing these daily posts a month ago, I was in a really weird place. Still am. There’s the whole quarantine thing of course, but also I very suddenly lost a group of friends and have been juggling feelings of confusion, isolation, anger, and worthlessness. Do I believe that I’m worth befriending? IContinue reading “One Month of Daily Doses!”


The artists I know and love and my life are often creative with how they construct their careers. Playwrights who are administrators, musicians who are entrepreneurs, etc. I find that looking at a career path through a critical and imaginative lens is important. As I move through my job as a professional fundraiser, I’m constantlyContinue reading “Integration”


Lately my posts have focused on big concepts, like sensitivity and witnessing, which may just come across as a tad didactic. Oops. But I do think those things are important to talk about when discussing the creative process and what keeps us artists goin’. I would say I’ll focus in a bit today and writeContinue reading “Conspiracies”