One Month of Daily Doses!

When I started writing these daily posts a month ago, I was in a really weird place. Still am. There’s the whole quarantine thing of course, but also I very suddenly lost a group of friends and have been juggling feelings of confusion, isolation, anger, and worthlessness. Do I believe that I’m worth befriending? I used to, but this time in my life has certainly raised some doubts. Writing helps. And not only writing about raw emotions in a diary, but writing edited thoughts like these.

So thanks for reading along. I know that when we lose a sense of community we can always build one again. I enjoy thinking (rambling) about creativity and how we can find inspiration, even (especially?) in dark times. I love reading your comments and am happy you’re finding some form of camaraderie in what I’m writing.

Right now I’m reading about theatre directors Yevgeny Vakhtangov and Valery Fokin. Directing is a hard business, y’all. But what I’m learning is that the best attribute a director can have is empathy. Mikhail Chekhov said this about Vakhtangov: “In order to become a director like Vakhtangov, one should learn to be more human and attentive towards people in general. Artistic and moral questions thus fuse into one.” (About Vakhtangov).

Thanks for joining me on this journey to learn more about empathy and the innate, human need to connect with others. I’m sure we’ll take away some useful information that will help us with all the wonderful things we’re creating.

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