Morphing Imagination

I’ve been angry with myself lately because I’m spending a lot of my time and energy on one specific life problem. It often feels like my creativity is sucked out of me and I can’t concentrate on anything else. My mind is filled with questions, reflections, and concerns. I try distracting myself with what wouldContinue reading “Morphing Imagination”

Stream of Consciousness

Writing every day without planning ahead is like a good dose of caffeine. It kickstarts the brain and makes you less cautious to begin the work. But it’s often garbage. Allot a chunk of your day to stream-of-consciousness creation. Write down whatever comes to mind. Sing whatever melody is in your head. It will mostlyContinue reading “Stream of Consciousness”

Overactive Imagination?

One beautiful thing about living as artists is the tendency to live within our imaginations. As a new experience begins to take shape, I find I think way down the road to its potential outcome. When I start a project it’s important for me to determine the makeup of its finish line. It gives meContinue reading “Overactive Imagination?”


The artists I know and love and my life are often creative with how they construct their careers. Playwrights who are administrators, musicians who are entrepreneurs, etc. I find that looking at a career path through a critical and imaginative lens is important. As I move through my job as a professional fundraiser, I’m constantlyContinue reading “Integration”


Lately my posts have focused on big concepts, like sensitivity and witnessing, which may just come across as a tad didactic. Oops. But I do think those things are important to talk about when discussing the creative process and what keeps us artists goin’. I would say I’ll focus in a bit today and writeContinue reading “Conspiracies”