Leaning into Discomfort

Now is the time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Systems need to be broken in order to allow room for all of us. And the breaking of systems will make people who benefit from them uneasy. That’s part of the process. What that looks like, for me, is asking myself hard questions, and notContinue reading “Leaning into Discomfort”


It is the focus on people—their work habits, their talents, their values—that is absolutely central to any creative venture. Ed Catmull, Creativity, Inc. I had a tense conversation with a collaborator once where I was (rather desperately) trying to understand their perspective, and they were adamant that they didn’t have to help me understand. InContinue reading “People-Focused”

Culture of Creativity

In any creative environment, it’s important that each person feels seen and heard. The space of collaboration has to be expansive enough for each person’s contributions and for conversations of all kinds. In my experience, people find it difficult to maintain that freedom, despite their best intentions. Obstacles to that state of fun collaboration willContinue reading “Culture of Creativity”

One Month of Daily Doses!

When I started writing these daily posts a month ago, I was in a really weird place. Still am. There’s the whole quarantine thing of course, but also I very suddenly lost a group of friends and have been juggling feelings of confusion, isolation, anger, and worthlessness. Do I believe that I’m worth befriending? IContinue reading “One Month of Daily Doses!”