Scared of the Crap

I accept the fact that I have to write a bunch of crap before I write something worthwhile. But boys oh boys, am I ever terrified of that crap.

If this project is about creative obstacles and how to move around them, the fear of failing is one of the bigguns. And fail I shall! What’s that common saying? Something something… be quick to fail? I guess I could Google it.

“Fail fast, fail often.”

Ah yes, right there. An example of failing. The sheer amount of clichés on this here blog, like “fail fast, fail often,” may make it nearly unreadable. But hey, at least I’m getting my point across, right? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

The point is, we all have to create crappy stuff before we can get to the great-ish. Or we make something pretty extraordinary only to have it followed by garbage. But that’s part of it, friends. We have to fight the procrastination of making interesting things simply because we’re scared it’s going to flop.

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