Seeking Questions

One of my intentions with this blog is to look for more questions.

I’m learning that curiosity is key. When I find I’m uninspired or generally down in the dumps for whatever reason, continually asking myself “why?” typically unlocks something useful. Sharing that gift of curiosity with others can be revolutionary.

I don’t believe the purpose of creating a piece of art for public consumption is to provide the audience with answers. Perhaps what’s more important is to point them toward further questions.

When we encounter the major points of confusion that other people face in their own lives, the domino effect of questions that ensues can lead us to even more impactful discoveries in ourselves.

For me, the most exciting creative experiences do some version of what I do for each of these blog posts. I start by staring at a blank screen. Usually nothing comes to me for a long time. Then I type out a string of words that don’t make any sense. I look at the blob of confusion, then edit it until some sort of message comes out.

As a director, I try to bring the audience along on a similar journey. Having already sorted out the confusion to some degree in my initial planning and research, I work together with the team to decide which of the many possible questions we will present to the audience. How will we pique their curiosity in a way that makes them want more? Encouraging an audience to ask questions and lead themselves to solutions makes for a much more satisfying and richer experience.

So in a nutshell, when tackling a new play, or writing a new book/song/poem/what-have-you, the approach isn’t “What is the message? What is the final answer?” But rather, “What questions can I pose?”

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