What… Am I Doing?

A question I ask myself frequently. The point of this project is what again?

As much as I’m drawn to writing these posts (almost) every day, it’s easy to lose track of its purpose. decentre will hopefully grow into something a bit bigger than me postulating on a bunch of seemingly random topics. While I enjoy reading my own thoughts written on a screen, and I appreciate that some of them resonate with you fine folks, there’s surprisingly a larger goal in my head somewhere. decentre will be a community of dissenters, creating art that questions the status quo. But in the meantime I feel I need to get some content out there. Some basic ideas that could underpin the larger mechanism down the road.

Plus it’s just good to practice writing every day. Nothing wrong with that.

But it can be incredibly disheartening when we lose sight of what we’re working toward. I’m a big proponent of honesty and speaking your heart, so honestly, I lack motivation some days. Because there’s no one telling me what this thing could become I have to keep convincing myself of its potential power. I have a suspicion that, whatever decentre becomes, these writings will benefit some other creative projects of mine… plays yet to be written, a novel… who knows.

Despite its hazy future I continue the ritual of (almost) daily writing. Though I can’t quite put my finger on where this will land (if at all), I enjoy writing about theatre/creativity/empathy every day. So thank you for reading and wading this muck with me.

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