Something to Say?

One of the many things I ask myself with this daily writing project is whether or not I have something to say. That’s a repeated adage in the art making world, I find: “Figure out what you have to say before you share your story.”

Blah blah blah.

I’m not about to spend hours staring out my window trying to think of the important, life-altering message I wish to convey to my audience. I’m going to start working and see what comes out.

I suppose we all have ~something to say~. But I’m tired of the pressure to make sure whatever we want to create won’t be a waste of space. We won’t get anything done if we’re constantly bogged down by the idea that whatever we make has to be deeply profound right from the start. It doesn’t.

Create whatever is gnawing at you, whatever’s on your mind, and the more you work at it the more likely a little kernel of universal truth will come out.

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