Strength Required

Art is rejuvenating. Every day of this pandemic we seek solace in books, television, digital theatre… we are depending on art to ground us.

But sometimes it takes strength to lean in and listen to all of what the work is trying to say. Art is often political. It’s often chock-full of raw emotions. And sometimes, even in the midst of a lot of confusion and mental exhaustion, that is exactly what we need.

Catharsis can be an incredibly useful tool. Witnessing others experiencing the full extent of emotions we’ve been keeping locked inside allows us to come to terms with our own experiences. This is true not only for the darker side of the human condition but for feelings like joy as well. Some folks have a really hard time facing authentic emotions in general.

But sometimes embracing the full effect of a piece of art requires us to gather enough strength. A prerequisite of the transformative power of art is a certain amount of internal stability.

If you are able, go into the consumption of art with an open mind and heart. The effect will be even more powerful and satisfying as a result.

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