Subtle Revolt

I’m drawn to the theatre because of its socio-political power. It creates change through empathy. You sit in a room with people who may or may not share similar views and experience a story together. You’re immersing yourselves in artifice and imagining, as a group, what the world would be like if this fiction were a reality. That process can be transformative.

I’m drawn to art, and creating in general, for the same reason. As someone who’s often shamed or even exiled for expressing myself, challenging the status quo has been a key component of my work and life. But there are many instances when I feel I can’t be as vocal as I’d like. Silencing is a common strategy, particularly from those convinced their minds are open and they know what’s best for me. Sometimes I find myself pigeonholed into not speaking my mind in an effort to soothe the fragile minds of the more privileged.

But frig that.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, know that there are outlets. Perhaps it’s more subtle, but taking a pen to a private journal is helpful if it strengthens your own psyche. There are ways to tackle the status quo, and while you search for them you can build up your own energy. Fortify yourself before taking on the world.

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