I’m in the process of learning something pretty major.

Some people… just don’t like… other people!


You would think this would be pretty straightforward, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. If someone is being kind, generous, and full of love and empathy, what right does a person have to dislike them? Why deny that positive energy in your life, even when at times there may be a clash of perspectives? Differences in opinion make things more exciting, in my opinion.

I’m still thinking this through and trying to figure out why that happens. It may be a lifelong journey. But there’s something to be said about being attentive to which relationships are working and which aren’t. If you feel you’re being your true, authentic self with someone and there’s still a sense of hesitation, then it’s not worth putting energy into making that connection stronger. If people don’t enthusiastically love you for you, then they are not your people.

We do a disservice to ourselves when we try to push through relationships we instinctively know are imbalanced. If you care about the other person, try to make amends or see eye-to-eye, and they still aren’t prioritizing that connection in any way, then there needs to be a release. It’s hard, but in a way it’s nice to weed out those relationships that ultimately harm you. There’s a psychological harm that comes with trying to please people who simply won’t be pleased. If you have dug deep and are brave enough to show the true you, then only those who want to embrace that are deserving.

[Add something about the creative process here]. I’m sure there’s some sort of connection.

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