The further we dig into our own emotional understanding, the more likely we’ll tap into the universal.

I think it was maybe famed theatre director Anne Bogart who wrote about how she often directs a show with one or two people in mind. She’s not trying to cater to the needs of many, but to get close to the emotional truth of one person. It may not have been her who said that, it may have just been me. Who’s to say?

But I love this thought. Each of us has a unique largeness: a largeness of spirit, of mind, of heart… Inside of each of us is the meaning of humanity. If we can understand our own emotions and psyches, we can begin the work of putting that on a stage, or on a page, or a screen…

Artistry requires us to muster the courage to go deep within our own caves so that we can face that which many of us are scared to face.

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