Writing with Distractions and Fighting Boredom

Distractions are inevitable. I find I have to teach myself how to carry on writing even when there are people around me talking, or when a friend calls (haha that doesn’t happen), or when some device I have is just oh-so-tempting. The work needs to happen even when I would rather be numbing my brainContinue reading “Writing with Distractions and Fighting Boredom”

Let’s Try to Write Something

Some days I have a topic ready to go and I feel passionate about it. Other days, like today, I do not. But I do want to say that committing to this project has been fruitful. Yes, I missed a few days here and there, but for the most part I’ve been on top ofContinue reading “Let’s Try to Write Something”

Knowledgeable Enough?

Do you ever read or watch beautifully crafted stories and think “I could never create a world like that?” I’m watching I May Destroy You (which is actually required viewing for all of humanity — not sure if you got the memo) and I’m thinking I could never know enough about a particular city orContinue reading “Knowledgeable Enough?”


Hey. Whatcha writing there? Whatcha working on? I’m reworking bits of a play I’ve written and thinking about the importance of structure. I’m looking more closely at the overarching “rules” I’ve applied to the narrative: How quickly does the plot progress? What is the nature of time in the piece? What is the architecture ofContinue reading “Structure/Spontaneity”