Me Me Me

Many seem to be resistant to centring themselves in their own work. I find I write about myself all the time. In fact, during my undergrad, a group of close friends rewrote the lyrics of “You’re So Vain” to “You’re So Luke.” I thought it portrayed me fairly well.

I don’t think it’s selfish to write about yourself if it’s done correctly. Glennon Doyle talks about the difference between diary and memoir: if you are just writing to vent, it’s a diary. And people don’t want anything to do with it. But if you’re writing about personal experiences that have resulted in learning something, and you’re able to structure your thoughts in such a way that allows us to learn with you, then it’s memoir.

I’m in my own head more than I’m in others’ so it makes sense to write from that angle. Let me ask the expert if that’s wrong…

He says nah.

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