Rigid Needs

I’m learning to be easier on myself for having particular needs during the creative process.

I find I write best on Saturday nights, usually after 10pm. I love this quote from President Barack Obama, pulled from a recent New York Times interview. He’s also a fan of late-night writing: “I find that the world narrows, and that is good for my imagination. It’s almost as if there is a darkness all around and there’s a metaphorical beam of light down on the desk, onto the page.”

There’s often a voice in my head telling me I should be productive at all times; that I shouldn’t have to shape my environment in particular ways to work more efficiently. But, while getting started on the work no matter the distractions may have some value, it’s fine to get specific about what you need.

What brings you the most focus? How might you create an environment that inspires you to get to work?

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