Slow, Slow Start

A lot of what I write here takes the form of permission slips: “Forgive yourself for…” “Allow yourself to be…”

(I think it’s pretty clear that I’m often writing these “slips” for myself. Is that self-absorbed? Maybe. But I also believe that what’s true for me can be true for others. For me, making art is all about investigating the inner workings of the self and reflecting our discoveries back to the world.)

We all encounter self-imposed roadblocks that prevent us from tapping into our full creative potential. One of my personal roadblocks is a perceived pressure to keep up an appropriate pace: If I don’t get this play written in the next few months then it’s not worth working on at all. If I don’t write these darn posts every day then what am I doing with my life??

So today I’m reminding myself that it’s OK to go slow, especially now. Often a slower pace leads to longevity: The impact of what we create, and the joy we experience while making it, can last longer when we take our time.

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