Small but Consistent

My mind goes in a million different directions every time I sit down to write one of these posts. decentre is ultimately about theatre and performance, but those of course intersect with many other artistic disciplines. I enjoy writing about everything from productivity to empathy… and oftentimes the connection to theatre isn’t immediately apparent. But it’s there! For the most part.

The thing about wanting to cover so much ground means I often get overwhelmed. Do you find that? You set time aside to make something but because you’re grappling with the million different things that something could be, you start another episode of Gilmore Girls instead?

Once these little posts get written, I find they help focus me. Choosing one tiny part of what’s on my mind and dedicating a certain amount of time to it distracts me from the ever-expanding glob of artistic potential. That’s probably not the best way to describe it. But you get what I’m saying.

I try to approach other projects in the same way: focus on one bit of dialogue, for example, and see what comes of it, trying not to get consumed by thoughts on how that dialogue should sound. Then I shift my attention to another, seemingly unrelated fragment, and avoid comparing it to what I worked on previously.

Small pieces of a larger idea that are consistent in their growth, until suddenly all the small parts fit together.

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