Why Theatre Rocks and Facebook Sucks

I’m always skeptical of any piece of art that posits some sort of fundamental truth.

Theatre is effective in its complexity. It presents contradictory characters with various perspectives and experiences. It’s a playground of multiple ideologies, demonstrating possible conflicts and inviting audiences to empathize with different points of view. That in itself is a truthful process because it reflects the challenges of reality.

We know that social media and the giant corporations behind them suck at this. We are manipulated into thinking the world is black and white: there are our opinions and the opinions of others. But these companies, like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc., are presenting each of us with different ideas and convincing us they are the only answers. Advertisers, the money source for these large companies, want us to interact with the internet in particular ways so they can rack up more clicks for their products. Each individual is put in front of a separate set of “truths” without seeing the flip side of the coin.

It’s important to question any simple statement or situation that claims to be the “only way”. Life is always more complex than what’s presented on the internet, and the real truth is buried somewhere in that complicated muck. Make art that takes us through some mess to get to some clarity.

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