OK Moving On

Stuff happens. We’re confronted by obstacles we were avoiding. We experience heartbreak unexpectedly. People show their true colours. And it’s important to feel every single one of those dreaded feelings in order to gain perspective on our emotions.

There are some who would say “then just move past it. It’s done. Grow up.” I’m not one of those people. Sometimes we experience things so impactful that they stick with us… That’s OK. Any added pressure to simply “get over” something dreadful doesn’t work all that well.

What does work, I’ve found, is a focus on self-empowerment.

“I am worth more than the energy I’m wasting on this.” “I’m allowing this to suck up my time, and my time is immensely valuable.” These shifts in the old adage to “move on” are rather slight, but important. Ultimately yes, you are moving beyond the hurt and pain, but you are accepting the fact that the hurt and pain may still linger.

Down the road there may come a time when you have to address it again head on. But if the focus is on your own self-worth and abilities to overcome, then you’ll be ready and willing to face it.

One thought on “OK Moving On

  1. Really an eye opening blog! So good… In our life, we should keep th negative things behind and go forward with positive attitude… Keep up the good work!


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