Embrace the Flop

In clown training, a general rule of thumb is to “embrace the flop”, which in a nutshell means accept the inevitable failure. I’m reminding myself to his strategy lately, trying to let a certain darkness find its proper place.

When your mind is consumed by a inescapable cloud of worry or sadness it can be a bit tricky to find any sort of motivation to create. But perhaps the time suck isn’t actually the negative event, but the real estate you dedicate to it. It may get to a point where you think “This thing isn’t going away. So where shall I put it in order to continue doing my best?”

I’m always a proponent for facing problems head on and doing everything in one’s power to resolve it. But often these problems that can plague us are not entirely within our power to fix. Other people exist, unfortunately, and if we are willing to communicate and they are not, then we may get stuck with the issue for some time. I’m trying to figure out how to approach those specific problems in my own life… and what I’ve come up with so far is to simply accept it and move it out of my way.

Embrace the flop. Live with it for a bit. And when there is adequate effort from all parties, launch that sucker out the window.

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