Narrative Narrative

The stories we tell about ourselves and other people can be repeated so often, and questioned so little, that they take on the appearance of normal.

Storytelling is a powerful force, as it can carve new perspectives in our minds and nudge us away from the limited realities we’ve created for ourselves. Empathy and all that.

As artists I believe we have to be particularly weary of our personal repeated narratives. What sort of sentiments do we keep rattling in the back of our heads? Are we staying open to new ways of seeing our typically unquestioned opinions?

It’s hard to get out of a tightly spun web of narrative. But good storytelling often requires it. As does, you know… life.

One thought on “Narrative Narrative

  1. I find that these ingrained narratives in my head are often not really stories, they are more like a rut in the road. They lack the colour and images and life of a real story. Thank you for sharing and making me think.


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